Where did January go?

Luckily, this is the second year in a row that I did not make resolutions.  On purpose.  If I had, I’m sure the not-blogging-enough guilt would be kicking in about now.  But it hasn’t, and that’s nice.  What wasn’t nice was January.  This is both a catch-up with what I’ve been doing, as well as an outline of what set me off in January, which I will be detailing herein for very near posts. 

Things that have prevented me from blogging:

Kicking off the beginning of January…was a huge gulf of sadness at the life that my grandmother leads in an assisted-living-till-dead, nursing home in the State of Texas.  It’s kind of a long and strange story for one post, but suffice it to say, Texas SUCKS as the worst State in the Nation for poorly run homes (I’ve learned by reading statistics) and I’m incredibly saddened by what I’ve witnessed.  I can’t believe the care that is not given, and the state of affairs for our elderly.  I was not allowed to visit with my grandmother, as she is oppressed by both her current caregivers, and the two people who finagled a Power of Attorney over her…her own children. (The black sheep of the family at that!) Her other two daughters are on the good side, and have been freaking out over the state of their mom for the last two months.

My grandmother claimed she had been kicked, and strong-armed by someone there at the facility…but when I showed up…to take her for X-rays, needed glasses, and a shopping run for much needed supplies; I was told I could not accompany her to her room, take pictures of her, or use my camera as a recording device.  I was also not allowed to take her off of the premises.  (Full story later)

Next up for me, came the sickness it seemed everyone was suffering.  This lasted 3 weeks or so, and the less I speak of those dreary days, the better.

Interested in self-publishing? I will launch into a post about that soon, because January consisted of trying to get two versions of an eBook launched; and waiting to get well again, before I could launch myself and my book, ‘Spoiled Pink’, into the world of book-signings again.

How about real estate? Thinking of buying, selling, or just tearing your hair out over the prospect of never getting an offer accepted? I’ve got a future post on that too…seeing as how I’ve sold real estate the last twenty plus years, and have a partner/husband going through a lengthy legal battle right now…trying to procure his rights, and a commission to a deal he more than procured.  I’m going to detail why your offers are not being accepted, and why real estate laws have to change…to protect the seller, would-be home owners, and the very economy…which is the underpinning to our economic survival! Anyhow, in January it’s been talk of our lawsuit…talk of lack of inventory…and how prices now, may very well blow up in our faces yet again! (So very near post on our current real estate scenario, and what drastically needs to change in the real estate world.)

Lastly, I’ve been struggling to stay out of all of this drudgery, and continue writing.  But what I’m currently working on is a picture-book of poems/prose for children, which is supposed to be all airy & bright.  Full of hope, and good cheer.  Stuff that us grownups rarely seem to encounter these days.

A future post to be expected too, on surviving as best as one can, learning which battles to be fought, and how to fight for what matters,like the elderly. Keeping happiness and joy alive, so we can keep hope alive for our children…is very important to me. 


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